The music of Malte Schiller makes me feel happy and sad, often at the same time. Malte’s music has deep meaning, emotion and a certain sad beauty that makes it incredibly appealing to me as a listener.

To be able to create such honest and touching music is a gift. Malte has this gift and he is also able to make his gift and music come to life through his compositions, arrangements and orchestrations. This is easier than it sounds and very few people manage to bridge this gap between the sounds in their head and the ears of the listener.

Of course Malte has an excellent group of talented young musicians that help to bring his music to life. The ensemble playing is tight and the improvising inspired. I’ve had the great fortune to hear this band live, and even though this recording is a wonderful document it does not do the band justice. If they are ever in your neighbourhood make sure to reserve tickets early and get good seats for a concert experience you won’t soon forget.

Enjoy the sad beauty and wonderful music of Malte Schiller.

Ed Partyka